The Latin American Journals Project was established by Tom McEnaney (former Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at Cornell) in collaboration with Cornell University Library’s Digital Consulting & Production Services in order to provide a hub for scholars across the globe to more easily access literary and cultural journals published in the Hispanophone Caribbean and Latin America during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Many of these journals remain difficult to find in their printed form, and/or hard to access in private collections, including in many of the countries where the journals first appeared. Our ambition has been to make these journals accessible to the largest possible audience for scholarly work. Unfortunately, legal limitations have forced us to structure the site with different tiers of access. If you have suggestions for additional titles that should be made available through this site, please contact us at, and we will do our best to work with you to do so (whether as an individual or a partner institution).


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Journals, countries, and links
TitleCountry of originLink
AmautaPeruIbero-American Institute
Anales de la Universidad de Buenos Aires SubscriptionArgentinaCenter for Research Libraries
Anales de la Universidad de Chile CopyrightChileHathi Trust, University of Chile
Anales del Ateneo de Costa Rica SubscriptionCosta RicaCenter for Research Libraries
Bohemia SubscriptionCubaCenter for Research Libraries
Caras Y Caretas CopyrightArgentinaHathi Trust
ClaridadArgentinaHathi Trust
Clarin SubscriptionArgentinaBrill Online
ColónidaPeruHathi Trust
ContemporaneosMexicoHathi Trust
Cultura Venezolana Subscription CopyrightVenezuelaCenter for Research Libraries
Diario de la marina CopyrightCubaUniversity of Florida Digital Collections
Diario El Imparcial CopyrightGuatemalaCIRMA
El Gráfico SubscriptionColombiaCenter for Research Libraries
El Mosaico SubscriptionColombiaCenter for Research Libraries
El Universal SubscriptionMexicoNewspaper Database (through CRL)
Gaceta literaria SubscriptionArgentinaCenter for Research Libraries
Imparcial SubscriptionMexicoNewspaper Database (through CRL)
Impulso SubscriptionArgentinaBrill Online
Inicial: Revista de la Nueva GeneraciónArgentinaHathi Trust
La Hacienda Copyrightvaries; North Miami, FLHathi Trust
La Liga Liberal SubscriptionArgentinaCenter for Research Libraries
La Nueva Democracia SubscriptionCommittee on Cooperation in Latin America, in NYCCenter for Research Libraries
Las tres Américas SubscriptionNew York, USACenter for Research Libraries
Latin American Anarchist and Labour Periodicals Subscription CopyrightVariesBrill Online
Letras SubscriptionPeruCenter for Research Libraries
Lunes de RevolucionCubaDigital Library of the Caribbean
Mercurio Peruano SubscriptionPeruNewspaper Database (through CRL)
Mexico Moderno SubscriptionMexicoCenter for Research Libraries
Nosotros CopyrightArgentinaHathi Trust
Nueva Era SubscriptionMexicoNewspaper Database (through CRL)
Nuevos RitosPanamaHathi Trust
ProaArgentinaNational Library of France
RenacimientoCubaIbero-American Institute
Revista Argentina SubscriptionArgentinaCenter for Research Libraries
Revista Azul SubscriptionMexicoCenter for Research Libraries
Revista de Buenos Aires SubscriptionArgentinaCenter for Research Libraries
Revista de Chile SubscriptionChileCenter for Research Libraries
Revista de Derecho, Historia, y LetrasArgentinaHathi Trust
Revista de la Universidad de Honduras CopyrightHondurasHathi Trust
Revista Moderna SubscriptionMexicoCenter for Research Libraries, Hathi Trust
Santafe y BogotaColombiaHathi Trust
SurArgentinalinked from CU catalog
Vida ModernaUruguayHathi Trust
Zig Zag Subscription CopyrightMexicoCenter for Research Libraries


Please contact for any questions about this project or website.


Special thanks to lead graduate assistant Sam Carter for his indefatigable work identifying sources, researching journals, and cleaning digital files. Thanks also to graduate assistants Diana Hamilton, Rebecca Kosick, and Paloma Yannakakis for their help building indices in the project’s initial stages.

Jaron Porciello and Mickey Casad were instrumental in enlisting the library and tracking down resources at the outset, as Desiree Alexander was to locating journals, working with vendors, and generally seeing the project through. Thanks also to all those in the Cornell University Library who had a hand in bringing these collections together and making them discoverable, especially Mira Basara, Caitlin Finlay, Melissa Wallace, Jenn Colt, Dianne Dietrich and Barbara Eden.

Additionally, thanks need to be given to our partners in digital libraries, most notably The Center for Research Libraries and Hathi Trust. Without this collaborative approach we would not have near the depth of resources and content currently available.